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    Plugin in C# possible?

    I wanted to ask if it's somehow possible to write a client-plugin in C# or similar?
    I tried a round a few possibilities, but it didn't work.


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    this is surely possible, as all you need to be able to do is write a library (.dll on windows) that exports a few certain functions. I can't tell you how to do it, but I am 100% sure it can be done. Read on how to create dlls in C# that can be used by other (non c#) software, it will tell you how to create a "c-style" dll interface.

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    I'm not sure if you're still searching for a way to do this, but anyways:
    I once started Wrapping the Plugin-SDK in a C# Project (but never finished it because other things needed my attention), basically the problem is:

    1) .Net-DLLs are NO dlls in the usual sense, only the .Net runtime is able to load / execute them
    2) The IL-Compiler does allow "native" dll-exports, but this feature is not available in any higher .Net language by default

    The way to go is:
    - Write your plugin
    - compile it to a managed dll
    - decompile it using ILDasm
    - insert the export-definitons
    - recompile it using ILasm again (both tools belong to Visual studio, to use them open the "Visual studio Commandline"
    To shorten this process, Robert Giesecke created a VS-Solution doing this for you using Attributes, just google it if you're interested.
    If you want to, you can base on what I had accomplished so far, see, but the SVN-repo will go down soon as I don't use that server anymore.

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    oh ! so complex !
    Maybe solution is to use a generic C++ plugin, then make an additional C# wrapper dll that communicate with that C++ plugin, not with TS3...

    i still looking for a simple c# sample somewhere, didn't found it yet.

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