hi all
hi have this problem in all my PCs ( a hp notebook, and 2 desktop )

my router is a Netgear 834N

ONLY when someone speak ( and more when in the channel there are over 3-4 people ), the ping go from 40-50 to 300-500 ms and packet lost are very high ( 20-80 %)
so the voice lag too.

I've tryed a lot of combination to resole this problem.

I've tryed without wi-fi, with lan cable in all pc.
I've increased the speed with my isp ( now i have 10/1 mbits down/up, with pingtest.net i have 30-40ms)
The problem is varous servers i've tryed ( usually i'm in a friend's server with codec quality 7, 32 khz ).
I've closed firewall in my router, add program rules on widnows firewall and close antivirus.

but nothing.....