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    Quote Originally Posted by HitM4n View Post
    I've problem With Server list
    Server list doesn't show my Server Country

    @HitM4n: I can only imagine what is going on. In my opinion your IP range is "new" in IP2Location, then they can resolve it in the webpage but, as Dante696 explained in this post ,
    the database in the TS3 servers is updated in the beginning of every month.

    Then, I would expect to the next January to see if the issue is resolved.


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    My server can not see the server list

    Hello. I have a problem. My server can not see the server list. I have port 9987 opened, I connect people, but when I have it check shows that it is closed.

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    One of the reasons for the "Internet service provider". Connected another ISP, the server was visible in the list of servers.

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    Server not in Server list

    Hi all,

    I cannot seem to get my server into the Server list at all...

    I've got my server on a few different websites and they seem to be able to query it correctly and it all works.

    I have the right ports setup in my firewall to be allowed through

    My server has the box checked next to "Enable reporting to server list".

    What else can I be doing?
    Any specific permissions for server query etc that need to be set?
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    Use filters, your server is listed

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