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Thread: TS Community?

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    TS Community?

    Lots of changes since I have last been here. 2.5 years since I last posted. Time flies!

    What happened the to Off Topic section? Or has this forum changed for only TS3 problems?

    I still have my ts3clientui_qt.secrets.conf from TS3 closed beta. Should I create a new id for security reasons or can I still use it for nostalgia?

    Found the changelog, glad yall have been busy, but yeah, it is going to take a lot time before I can figure out all the new features that you have added. Is there a doc that I am missing or is everything video now under tutorials?

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    Welcome back!

    Off topic has been the "trash" holder for quite sometime now. Teamspeak wishes to keep this a tech support only so 99.9% of all posts are client/server support. Not much of mingling between forum users aside from getting/giving help. So yeah, TS3 problems only

    I do not believe that your ID in your old qt.secrets will cause any security holes of any kind. I am pretty sure i've had mine since those days as well.

    There really isn't an "everything video" or document that i'm aware of. Is there anything in particular you are looking for more information on?

    As you have probably already seen, there are the official videos that explain certain parts but that's about it for the official stuff. However, there are documentation for the server side stuff. If you download the server, there should be some documentation in the main folder of where you extract it. It's been awhile since i've actually taken a look at it but i know there is a permissions document which lays out all the permissions and then another document that's sort of a "How our permission system works" document which explains the hierarchy and 'skip' and 'negate' and blah blah technical server stuff.

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