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    Multiple Unique ID's?

    Is something like this possible? I have a few clan members who share the same computer and when they connect it always uses the same Unique ID. Let me explain in a little detail...

    I have a husband and wife who are both in the clan and use a single computer. On our TS3 server we use custom symbols for our ranks and such... so the husband connects and he is a General and of course has the Generals symbol to the right of his name along with a symbol for being a Game Admin and one for being a TS3 Admin.

    When his wife connects and she is a Major... she still retains everything like the symbols and also the Admin powers etc... from him because its still using the same unique ID (or I presume thats why). Anyway to fix this so each person has their own ID or whatever is needed so they have their respective ranks and stuff?

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    You can create several identities for that
    Settings > identities > Add button

    At the connection just choose the identity
    e.g Connection > Connect > More button > Identity option (or with the bookmark)

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