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Thread: excessive echo

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    excessive echo

    I haven't seen anyone say anything on this topic yet, so guess I am the first...

    When I connect to a server I am getting varying amounts of echo. Sometimes it will be almost none, next it will be massive. I have tried connecting thru wifi and 3g, with and without a headset. For some reason, echo seems to be the least if I hold my iphone so the mic is right on my mouth. I have tried all options in the audio settings in the on and off positions.

    I have my own server, so I can test this without bugging other people too much hehe

    ok, update....guess I could have just hit cancel and not looked like a doink but someone else might have this problem perhaps. Looks like it was caused by my speakers. If I switched the audio output on my computer to headphones, no echo at all from the iphone connection. Perhaps you would only use the iphone app to connect if you didn't have a computer, but I can imagine someone somewhere will use it near their computer and use speakers so that they can chat without having to wear a headset....
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