Idea would be to allow the client to (un)register for server events like channel create/delete so that the server does not even send info to them about events with no affect in/on their channel. In this mode the client would of course only display the name of the channel and clients in the channel that the client is currently in.

I think a toggle would work best. If working as they currently do users can see all server events as normal and the full channel tree. But if the "blinders" mode is enabled have the tree view switch to a view more like the current (beta 0.4) TS3 Viewer for Android tree view. I understand they may require an update to the server to have a "blinders" mode flag on each client session unless the current event register system already supports the needed combination of event registration to accomplish this.

Reducing bandwidth will go a long way with the mobile users and I think this would have a large impact on large public servers.