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    Bluetooth Headset Support?

    The one feature that would make this app perfect would be wireless bluetooth headset support. I'm itching to pull the trigger on finally buying one for my iPhone, but I want to primarily use it for Teamspeak. Is this something that will be supported soon? Or maybe it already is?

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    Mine bluetooth works perfectly using teamspeak. If you switch it to voice activation you can turn your phone screen off and use the speakers and mic from your bluetooth headset.

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    On iOS to switch to bluetooth, just tap the little arrow in the bottom left, you'll see a slider bar along the bottom, on the right side of it you'll have your output selection icon, tap it and then select whatever method you want.

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    iOS iPhone 3GS HELP

    I want to buy an external microphone for my iPhone 3GS. I need to know if Teamspeak will use this microphone or not.

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    hello, BlueTooth already works with iOS TS3 even i test it out my Turtle Beach PX5 with Bluetooth on my iPod, it works perfectly fine no issues,

    if your bluetooth, paired on your iOS it should automatically connect,

    break down Details:
    if you already connected to a server, and you started to turn on your Bluetooth, it will connect and you'll hear and talk thru your Bluetooth Mic,
    IF NOT,
    1. it could be your Main iOS Settings on Bluetooth, if it wasn't selected
    2, [Bluetooth is connected but its not coming thru iOS TS3,]
    Tap the Bottom Let button and tap [^] on the bottom left and select the Bluetooth on [choose audio option] (insert name of BT)

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