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    Connecting issues

    Heya, as I was chatting with some friends on TS3 yesterday we all suddenly got disconnected for some reason, but we all were able to reconnect quite quickly. However, as it happened again everybody except me could reconnect. It doesn't say anything else than "Failed to connect to server".

    So, my first thought was that I was missing the port number as I didn't realise that the box where I am supposed to enter this was gone until this moment. When I realised that I had to type ip:port I thought my problem was solved, but apparently it wasn't. Does anyone have any idea whatever might cause this issue? I can connect to the public servers.

    Thanks in advance.

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    hate to say happend to me too, dont know exactly how the private servers go, but would think the same but guess not my client server is rented buy one of our members and we are not the only ones to be afffected

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