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    Post More Feature's For iOS and Android?

    i would like to know, when there gonna be more Feature's are gonna available such as

    1. Poke
    2. PM
    3. Kick from server/Channel
    4. Ban From Server
    5. Grant/Revoke Talk Power
    6. moderate channel/set Reqire Talk Power=1(for example)
    7. change Audio setting + Codec, (0-10 - 2kb-7kb)
    8. Subscribe to a Channel/All Channels
    9. Record/Stop Recording
    10. Bluetooth Audio???

    is Bluetooth audio possible?
    as much as i Luv T$3 why make it more Awesome, for iOS and Android?
    when you gonna plan to add these Feature's?

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    Bluetooth works on my HTC G2.

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    I was also able to use blue tooth with my cars "interface". I use a Sony Ericsson MH-100 BT headset adaptor that came with my Aino. I connected to the BT headset before starting TSfA.

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    OK Android douse work with Bluetooth,

    but will Bluetooth Work with IOS???

    i wonder if i can use my "Turtle Beach PX5" on iOS,,,
    Dont forget PX5 has "Dual-Pairing Bluetooth"

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    Smile Other updates?

    I would definitely like to see:
    1. Auto-reconnect (when connection has dropped).
    2. Ability to change voice activation sensitivity.
    3. Modify receive volume of other people (e.g. one person is too quiet, but turning the overall volume up would cause the normal people to deafen you.)
    4. Be able to view all connected clients within the server. (Currently, when in one channel, you cannot immediately see if/who is in the other channels).
    5. Some way to allow push to talk using the headphone controls?

    As far as I know, all but number 5 is available in the desktop version of TS3.

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    The iOS version is nearly perfect. After using it for about an hour i'd like to see:
    - Quick button to switch between voice activation and push-to-talk
    - A push-to-talk button on the chat view
    - An ability to play ipod music when in an empty channel or when nobody is talking

    Last one may conflict with sound profiles of iOS SDK, but there can be made some workarounds. For example user can disable VOIP mode which enables TS to run in background. Please, give it a thought.

    Anyway, thank you for mobile version! It was the last thing that my phone couldn't do.

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    I am surprised some of the options which are in the PC version are not included in the request/suggestions...

    "Save Channel passwords"
    Default Channel

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    Most important to me is by far:
    Auto-reconnect (when connection has dropped)

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