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    Post [Suggestion] Up & Down For Icons and Change Icon for Server Admin

    i own a TS 3 Server, and for an example if i want to change the order of icons to organize them, i have to delete ALL of em and then creat ALL of em again... that take a long time to do, can't u create a up and down ( order organizer ) buttons ? IT WOULD HELP ALOTT

    another thing, i wan't to change the icon of server admin in my server, BUT I CANT !!!!!
    i get an error saying that i'm part of the group and if i change the icon, permissions would be lost, but i WANT TO CHANGE THE DAMN ICON without losing any permission...

    Can You Guys Fix These Things at the Next Update ?

    Thanks ALOT !

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    About the group sort order, it's already possible using the i_group_sort_id permission

    About the icon, this is not an error message but just an information.

    In this both cases, you have to switch in the Advanced permission system:

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