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    Domain forwarding issue

    Ok, so my problem is this:

    I've got a server on a dynamic ip. yyy.yyy.yyy.yyy

    I use to give me a static domain name
    A program on my server constantly updates of my current external IP

    [email protected] <---

    I've recently bought a top level domain name, and set up a sub domain; ---CNAME---->

    So it goes like this (CNAME)---> (A_record)---> yyy.yyy.yyy.yyy

    But this gives me "Failed to connect to server"

    if i skip the domain name, and use when i connect, it works...

    I'd appreciate if someone could help me out here

    I use for my top level domain
    I've also got a website on my server on port 80
    Teamspeak is on default port 9987
    My router is obviously portforwarded

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    It's not a real Teamspeak problem ....

    When you ping your teamspeak domain, do you get the same IP of ?
    The DNS propagation require some time.

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    When i ping my my i get my actual external ip

    when i ping my (my TLD) i get some ip from west coast USA belonging to dotster
    Screenshot of ping:

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    I solved it !

    I tried making domains for name server this time, and apparently thats what was needed.

    Thanks for the help regardless

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