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    Exclamation teamspeak owner please READ!

    Hello TeamSpeak3 Owner
    i would to send you some screenshots about a failed old server.
    For many days ago the the ip of this server has been closed because they use your name to sell this things.
    The old ip of this server (the closed server) is and
    And now the creator of this old servers has bought a new server. but the server name is the same (platinum).
    The 2 old servers was in black list. This people use your name to sell the server. You can see this in the screenshots, too.
    I would to send you this as an url link.

    My last request would be this:
    If you write this ( as a link you come to this site
    please try it out!

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    Please contact [email protected] or [email protected] for licensing issues.

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