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    Question How to set up simultaneous Translation on TeamSpeak 3

    For our TeamSpeak conferences, we'd like to offer simultaneous translations. This question is about how this can be best set up using TeamSpeak 3.

    Basically, we'd have one channel in English. That's the "original language" and the "main conference channel". One person would listen on that channel and simultaneously translate to German. This translation must not end up in the English channel but instead go to a German channel. It seems that this can be accomplished using the whisper feature; whispering to a channel (that's a very cool feature, btw).

    First question: Is there a way to permanently enable whispering to a channel instead of having to push a key all the time?

    In this setup, there's one channel with only English, and another with only German. Which will probably be fine for most people. But some might want to be able to listen to both English and German.

    So that's the second question: How could we set this up so that people can listen to either English, or German, or English and German? Is that possible at all?

    We might be able to solve this by the person speaking "whispering" both to the main channel (English) and a third channel: English + German; and the person translating "whispering" both to German and English + German. But that seems like a somewhat cumbersome solution (it would mean that everyone who wants to speak in the main channel would have to set whispering up in this manner; and, unless there's a solution for the first question, keep "pushing" the keys for whispering all the time while talking).

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    1. You can setup a key to start whisper and a second to stop whispering.

    Go into the Hotkeys Menu and add a new hotkey (press advanced to find the whisper setting)
    Now search for Activate Whisperlist and set your desired key.
    Now search for Deactivate Whisperlist and set another key

    2. These users have to be in the channel or whisper group of that user, who sends that english or german or chinese staff.
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