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    Solved Doodle - Whiteboard plugin to be updated?

    Does anybody know if the Doodle - Whiteboard plugin is ever going to be updated for use in 3.0.0? It seems to be languishing right now with nobody maintaining it which is a shame since it's an excellent plugin.

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    As far as I know once the author won his prize from the contest he announced he is abandoning the plugin and when asked if he would pass the code on to another developer to maintain it he said no. So as of right now the answer is, no it will not be updated.

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    I don't really have the time to sit down and put something like this together, but I know my own clan and many others out there would benefit from this plugin begin actively developed. Hell, I'm willing to even put up some cash to support someone doing so. If not, if I can find a few motivated folks to work together I'd be willing to put in some time to make this happen. I would really like this plugin back again.

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    TeamSpeak 3 - Whiteboard


    I tried doodle for Teamspeak, but it doesn't work with newest TeamSpeak 3 release.

    Will this problem be fixed in next time?

    Is there any other whiteboard available for TeamSpeak 3?

    Is there any other whiteboard available for TeamSpeak 2?

    greets, Markus

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    Doodle - Whiteboard

    Does anyone know which tool (SDK) for development / compilation was used?

    PHP Code:
    I tried doodle for Teamspeakbut it doesn't work with newest TeamSpeak 3 release. 
    greets, Markus

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