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    Complete noob that needs help setting up permissions!! Please Help!!

    i have been on a teamspeak server for a while and decided that there were a lot of things that i wanted to do to make it better. however, when i looked into the permissions system (i watched the permissions video) i saw that the video was completely out of date and have not been able to find a good step by step tutorial of how to set up permissions other than the basic ones that are shown in each server/channel group. (i am using version 3.0.0 [Build: 14954]). what i want to do in specific is make a channel group that either does not have voice privilege, or has a specific talk power that is lower than the channels needed talk power.


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    The video tutorial is absolutly not out of date. A new permission system was just added.
    To use the Advanced permissions system : Settings > Options > Application part > check Advanced permissions system

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