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Thread: High CPU Load..

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    High CPU Load..


    I'm having problems with high CPU load.

    My VPS has 1GB of ram. The load goes up to like 6-10, and it's unbearable and causes lag with my other services. I run a Teamspeak server on another server with 96MB, and cpu load never even goes up to 1 with like 50-60 people on it.. Anyone have a idea of what I can do? They are both using the same version of teamspeak(3.0.0)

    the 96mb server is quadcore 2.8ghz
    the 1gb server is 2x quadcore 1.4ghz yet the 96mb server is still better in terms of cpu..
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    hm, u have the same version.. but do you have the ts3 server copied 1:1? this has the same effect?

    which system and OS?

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