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Thread: Youtube Mic Bug

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    Question Youtube Mic Bug

    Hello there,

    Since I'm using Teamspeak a lot as well as Youtube, I would like to report a bug which seems to be pretty weird: Everytime I watch a video on youtube, my voice sounds like a robot in Teamspeak (like a swoosh or static sound), I also can hear that by checking my voice with the test in "Properties > Options > Recording" - the problem can be fixed by restarting the program but it's pretty annoying to do that all the time just because of Youtube videos.
    Does somebody already have a fix for that?


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    Wow, not even one reply within a month, guess I need to use other programs since this forum shows quite well that the support for TS is lame.

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    This is something, we can't reproduce.
    I can guess only.

    The robotic vocie comes up when, your internet connection is slow or when your hardware is on heavy load. But here it seems, that case 2 happens here.
    Maybe your sound drivers are outdated, there are no informations about it.
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    Thanks for the advice (finally )
    gotta try that now

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