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    Assertion failed when using the plugin API


    I get an
    Assertion "err==0 && out_len == m_PeriodSizeInSamples" failed at client\clientlib\sound\recordeditor.cpp:39;
    when using the editcapturedvoicedata-callback after a codec-change took place.

    To reproduce that with minimal effort, implement the editcapturedvoicedata-callback in a plugin and just set
    *edited |= 1;
    (meaning the samples changed, even if they didn't in this example).

    Join a server/channel with that plugin activated and the channel set to speex 32kHz.
    Then join a channel using the CELT codec and switch back afterwards.

    TS will close with the message from above in the log.
    This will also occur when switching to channels with another speex-mode and back (8/16kHz).

    Thanks in advance for looking into this and thanks again for this incredible "new" sound-API

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    This should be fixed in our next beta release

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    That was fast! Thanks very much

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