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    Exclamation Protection for Teamspeak 3 Server

    *** German part deleted ***
    *** This forum is english only ***

    Hello Teamspeak community,

    I do not know if I am correct in this forum
    am, however, we have a very important question
    to Teamspeak 3 Is there any way to
    a Teamspeak 3 servers with a security to
    ? protect We had tonight a user,
    of us had menaced the server down to. make He was also the reason
    always managed to fly its flag in 5 other
    Countries change. How can you imagine
    Protect hackers? It is even possible
    a Teamspeak 3 servers to protect them?

    Need help and advice!


    GamerZ of Destruction
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    This is not specific Teamspeak question or problem.
    But a machine problem. You can find several informations and tuto on google to know how to protect your server (machine).

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    Thank you for help.
    Sorry for my bad english.
    My mothertongue is german.

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