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    Lightbulb permission error in query server

    use sid=1
    servergroupaddclient sgid=2 cldbid=2
    error id=0 msg=ok (47 ms)
    sgid=1 name=Guest\sServer\sQuery type=2 iconid=0 savedb=0 sortid=0 namemode=0|sgid=2 name=Admin\sServer\sQuery type=2 iconid=500 savedb=1 sortid=0 namemode=0|sgid=3 name=Server\sAdmin type=0 iconid=300 savedb=1 sortid=0 namemode=0|sgid=4 name=Normal type=0 iconid=0 savedb=1 sortid=0 namemode=0|sgid=5 name=Guest type=0 iconid=0 savedb=0 sortid=0 namemode=0|sgid=6 name=Server\sAdmin type=1 iconid=300 savedb=1 sortid=0 namemode=0|sgid=7 name=Normal type=1 iconid=0 savedb=1 sortid=0 namemode=0|sgid=8 name=Guest type=1 iconid=0 savedb=0 sortid=0 namemode=0
    error id=0 msg=ok (50 ms)
    error id=2561 msg=duplicate\sentry (31 ms)
    Total: 128 ms

    I would first like to apologize for not knowing that I could not post in Spanish,
    I deleted the posduplicate data but I would like please tell me how to fix it? it and I have rewritten and the error is understood that this

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    As I wrote in your previous thread :
    Quote Originally Posted by Florian
    This message just means that the client with cldbid=2 is already in this query group.

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    I again ask if you could do something to give no error,
    although the answer seems you do not need does not matter, so I leave it
    many thanks

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