Hi all,

For whatever server I try to connect the answer is the same: (text taken in the TSClient.log file):

24-08-11 17:59:06,4892,DEBUG,ProcedureInfo,Client Open,Waiting for LoginStep2
24-08-11 17:59:09,4892,ERROR,ProcedureInfo,Client Open,Exception: Timeout on recv LoginStep2 wait
24-08-11 17:59:09,4436,WARNING,All,procedure TDICallBack.execute,"The operation had no effect." or "The device buffer overflowed and some input was lost." or "The device exists but is not currently attached." or "The change in device properties had no effect."

There are no routers in the way (my pc is connected to internet directly)
There are no firewalls, not even the windows firewall (i disabled it)
Whatever server I try, ts doesn't estabilish a connection
When I try to ping the server, the server answers me
When I use the tracert command, it reaches the TS server as well, giving me all the path

BUT TS isn't connecting!

TS used to work fine since ever, but now, with my pc reinstalled, it just doesn't work.

I'm using Windows 7 Home Edition x64

What else can I do?
Anybody heaven-iluminated can help me??

Is there some way for me to increase the timeout time??

Thanks in advance!