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    Solved Server Query Punched Me In The Face

    Hiya Forum!

    I am having issues with using Instant Teamspeak's server status script at

    With some research I have found that nothing can connect to my Server Query port. After about 2 hours of scanning google for an answer I have found none.

    My server details are
    hosted on a virtual private server using CentOS 5.5

    I start the server using - "/home/teamspeak3/ start" and people can join the server.

    I am a programmer and a coder and therefore have understandings of more advanced answers if you have them. I just can't find somewhere to start.

    My questions are:
    • How do I turn on Server Query?
    • How do I see if Server Query is on?
    • Are there any tutorials on Server Query?

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    Do you have a firewall ?
    The port 10011 is open/forward ?
    DO you check your server log (error message or not about the query port) ?

    More informations in the documentation : TeamSpeak 3 Server Quick Start.txt

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    Thank you florian_fr40 for replying!

    Sorry about the late reply, had a few event on and have been out of the loop for a bit.

    I do not have a firewall and neither does the server.
    The port is opened, I have double checked.
    There is nothing that comes up in the server log or the command line when I try to accept.

    I will read the Quick Start Guide tomorrow as it is late and I just checked my emails.

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    I guess you don't add the IP of this script in the query_ip_whitelist.txt file (server folder).
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    Thumbs up Solved

    Solved the issue after googling that file.

    Thanks =D

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