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    Quote Originally Posted by DvanBavel View Post
    [...] say("Message received by ${clientname} ${message}").
    I would also love this feature, for the exact same resons you already mentioned.
    Anything new here?

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    Question Teamspeak Client-Side Sound Setting Coding for Messages Recieved

    Hi all, so I have been playing around with the settings.ini file, and I was wondering if it was possible to get TS to read me the messages that I receive in the channel and privately. I have it set to tell me who joins, leaves, is moved to/from my channel and all, but I would like to say the messages I receive, if that is even possible with the settings.ini file. BTW I am using the Default Male sound pack.

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    chat text to speech?

    i see in teamspeak 3 there is already some form of text to speech (like changing channel, getting poked, ect) so if possible can there be a integrated option for text to speech for whatever channel you are in?

    my current server has 3 people without mics and one who is mute, and alt-tabbing can get a player killed (even if its just to read the chat!).


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    chat text to speech?

    Is there a way to do chat text to speech in teamspeak? I don't mean the server messages, I mean actual channel chat where people can type to each other. I have a few friends without microphone and it's a hasstle to have to alt-tab to see what they typed constantly.

    Thanks in advance for the answers!
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