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    Problem with Server and client on the same IP

    I have TS3 Server on one machine, and client running on my gaming computer on another machine on the same router. Both machines show the same external IP address. Does this cause an issue? Previously, I had no problems (been running both for about 2 weeks) but recently, without my changing anything either client side or server side, my client disconnects repeatedly. Sometimes, I can stay connected for a few minutes, sometimes it disconnects after 5-10 seconds. My router shows the server being on and client on, with both being on same IP if I check

    My internet provider did go down about 3 days ago, and I was forced to reset my cable box and router, although it appears the router port forwarding and everything has stayed the same. What should I look for to solve my client problem?

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    Words cannot explain this post, but I will try my best not to say them.

    Does this cause an issue?

    What should I look for to solve my client problem?
    Connect via the internal address (I assume your connecting via your external address), if you keep getting disconnected something is wrong with your server or client. Do other people join this server? Do they also get disconnected repeatedly?

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