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    Solved Reduce/Clean Up "ts3server.sqlitedb" Database size? (Very Big)

    My Teamspeak 3 server has been running just under a year now and has been used daily, I currently have 10 servers running, I have deleted and added new servers before too. My user database has about 1600 users in it. I am running this Teamspeak server on a VPS with a limited amount of RAM....

    When I first setup the teamspeak 3 server the "ts3server.sqlitedb" database was very small and Teamspeak didn't use much RAM at all. However now it has grown to around 41MB which I do expect, and RAM usage has also increased a lot to .

    Now clearly I haven't got those "1600" users coming on daily and the majority of these users in the "ts3server.sqlitedb" never come back to my teamspeak again, so how do I clean them up. Now I guess users is only 1 way to clean up the file anything else e.g. channels/settings/backups?

    So my question is how do I clean up/shrink my "ts3server.sqlitedb" database? and most importantly will that bring RAM usage down too?

    See Picture of Usage - See below

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Thank you,
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    You can cleanup your database with the vacuum command from SQLite

    It rebuilds the whole databse without the unlinked lines.
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    Thank you for this information, just what I needed!

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    8 is 2 gigs in size

    Is there a way to dump old irrelevant data, should it be this big in size?
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