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    Solved How can i invite user per weblink?

    Hi Ts3 User's.

    I just made my own Teamspeak 3 server and were trying to promote it on my facebook profile, but my problem is that i don't know how to make a link that makes it possible just to click on the link to join my Teamspeak 3 server. Some one here who knows how to generate a link to your facebook profile?

    I've been trying to copy my Server adresse: **************** at the facebook status bar. but that dosen't help, so hoping one out there got a solution for me.

    Best regards

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    This example is for our public server. is our address.

    You can change it or use your ip and port and passwort
    You can get such a link over Tools > Invite Buddy and now select http redirection.
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    I've been trying to make a link, but it dont seems to work and to be hornest i dont understand the last code since i dont know what to change? and the first code i tried but it dont works since my server got a port....

    Isen't there any simply way to create a link?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mijen
    Isen't there any simply way to create a link?
    As wrote, you have a tool in the client to generate a weblink .
    Tools > Invite Buddy.

    In this dialog, you can select the Invitation Type.
    Just copy/paste the link on your web page.

    ts3server://<virtual server IP or domain>?port=<virtual server port>&password=<virtual server password>

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    ohhh yer i see, Thanks

    Problem solved.

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