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    TS Viewer and spacer

    Is there finally a Webstatus Script that can interpret the Spacers correctly ? Its such a nice feature but on a Webstatus it still looks like crap. There are some Status offering Sites out there (Gametracker, Tsviewer, Tsmonitor) but none of them seems to care to fix the thing with Spacers.

    Really a shame.

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    This viewer has spacer-detection built-in. So why use a service-site, instead using an own viewer, which have all needed functions.

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    Hi, ok, I tried to install that.

    The Instructions however dont say anything about which files to Chmod. If i wouldnt have scrolled down the long long list of errors telling me that Chmod could not be applied automatically, I didn't even noticed that down there was a few lines saying what folders to chmod and to what.

    But there is still one line that shows up, even though I chmodded the directory where the webviewer is in, correctly.

    Chmod 755 (777) could not be automatically set to .Please set it manually.
    Could not be automatically set to what ???

    I already chmodded the folder. Do I need to set every file to 777 too, that would be kinda weird tbh, especially for PHP security. So what now ?

    Ok, from what I read here, this seems to be a bug in current Version and can be ignored. So I got the Status to show. But there are 2 things I need to change. One is the font size and other is the font color. In the Setup I can't find any of this. Is there no way to change that ?

    Ok, got it working now. Had to change these things in .css
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