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    Solved [Suggestion] Banner Clicked X members.

    hello dear Ts3 Developers!

    developers ts3 can make some stats about banners when someone clicked on banner and admins can see how many people clicked on banner ?

    thank you if you can do it =)

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    Since you link a Banner to a Webpage you can link it to some Script on your Server instead, which would count the click, store it somewhere and then redirect to the Webpage.
    You could even make some PHP Script to read that value, embed it into your Banner and output it. If you would then use that PHP Script as the Source for the image, the amounts of clicks would be displayed inside Teamspeak too (visible for everyone though). In order for the number to be updated automatically you will have to set the Gfx Interval to some value > 60 so the banner gets updated every so many seconds.
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