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    The Answer for all!

    Hello all,

    I have years of experience with silly little problems like this and I will run you all through the best way to forward and IP to a domain name/host name. Generally your over complicating the problem and the process of setting it up is really easy. Don't ever touch external support which someone suggested, unless you want people accessing your IP (even worse if your hosting of your own home network).

    Most of you seem to be working with GoDaddy, I have never seen GoDaddy's management panel as I host everything myself of a web-server but I will run through the process of forwarding a TS IP & Port to a domain name.

    • The first thing you will need is a sub-domain, call it
    • After making the sub-domain your going to need an A record to point the sub-domain at the IP Address of your TS Server. An A record is literally only good for mapping a domain name to an IP Address so make good use of it. Make sure to keep the time to live as low as possible.
    • Once setting up the A record you can go ahead set up a service record which I have seen plenty of examples above. Make sure to target the sub-domain in this case

    In coordination with your question Sam using a dynamic IP to link with a domain name would be a massive pain in the arse and rather over complicated and require you to host your own web server and have a script running always looking for an IP change to update the DNS Records. The best way to over come this is try and get a static IP and link the domain with the above steps.

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    The above post is wrong from top to bottom.

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    Forwayrding a ts3 ip with port to domain name ..

    I need help, i bought a ts3 server from gameservers and a domain from godaddy. and i want the ts3 ip to change to my domain .. i have gotten the accual ip forwarded but i have no clue how to forwayd the port.. please help .
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