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    TS on iPhone 3G crashing!!!

    Dear TeamSpeak, its customers, and our friends around the globe,

    this is an open letter to the developers of TeamSpeak.

    Recently, you released TeamSpeak 3 (TS) for mobile devices, what a lot of people appreciated pretty much. So thank you for those who want to use TeamSpeak as a communication method.
    Now the bad news: it is not working with an iPhone 3G.

    Now there are 2 possibilities:

    1. iPhone 3G is just too old, slow and has too less RAM
    2. It is a software issue that can just be fixed by the developers because TS is not an open source project

    We agree, it's not a big issue though we want you to do the following:

    Edit the description in the iTunes Store and point out, that your current Version 1.0 for iPhone does not run stable on an iPhone 3G or lower!
    This is just to avert further damage to uninformed customers, who agree to pay 4,99 $ / 3,99 for your application.

    Furthermore, pay back the money of iPhone 3G customers immediately!

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    Please follow this updated sticky :


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