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    My client connection causes others to disconnect

    I have TS3 server running on a Ubuntu box behind a router. I have all the correct ports and ranges setup for forwarding. I have four windows clients in the house that connect to it through the router. From my work I can connect with a windows client a couple dozen times without issues. When other people try to connect they either cannot or they can and will suddenly connect a minute after I connect from my client. Tonight my daughter was talking for almost two hours with a couple friends and within a minute of me connecting to grant them permissions as Normal they both disconnected. No, they weren't bailing because "the dad" joined the chat. The only thing I can think of (I can't try until tomorrow) is the fact I'm using the internet IP to connect from within the home network. The other PCs in the house use the network IP for the server 192.168.x.x Could the fact that I am connecting using the ISP assigned IP cause Teamspeak to drop the other connections?

    9/3/2011 9:37:50 PM VirtualServer Info client disconnected 'Tyrex'(id:11) reason 'reasonmsg=connection lost'

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    So this just happened to me too. I have a windows server.

    As soon as I connected, my other clients disconnected and now cannot reconnect. I can still connect, but they can't?

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