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    Internal sounds transmitted over ts

    First of all, sorry if you dont understand me very well, english is not my primary lenguague.

    Well, my problem is the next. I recently format my pc and now when im using the ts with my headsets and playing some music or watching some video on youtube the sounds are transmitted to the ts and the people in the server can hear them.

    Im using headsets so the problem its internal, i mean, all the sound generated in the pc is transmitted to the ts. I also know this cause i have an off botton and control volume in the cable of the headsets and the problem still there when the botton is off and the volume is in the lowest posible level (I tested this with the voice activation test in the ts settings).

    I tried a lot of things but with not success.
    My operating system is Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bits and my headsets are gaming tt esports shock. Im using the Hercules muse lt 4.1 sound card instead of my realtek sound card onboard in the P6T motherboard. The onboard card is disabled in the windows device manager (This is because another issue), but i have tried to see if the problem is in this card too, and it does. No matter what card i use, i still having the problem. I have both card drivers installed but only the muse lt driver is on.

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    Be sure that in the "Recording Control" of Windows7 you have selected "Microphone" instead of "Stereo Mix".

    the quickest way to access the mixer is to right-click over the speaker icon in the System Tray > Recording Devices --> Recording Tab

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    The mic is select in the recording options and the stereo mix is disabled.
    I have discover that the problem is not a teamspeak problem, it also happens with other programs like messenger.

    Thanks for your answer.

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    I found a solution. It seems to be that my sound card (not the onboard) its an autentic shit, but what else do you want for 15 bucks.
    Well, this night the card started to make a strange thing. When i talk the people in the ts say me that my voice looks like Donalds duck voice xD. So i decided to re-install the drivers but nothing changed.
    In that moment i was so furious that i decided to able the realtek onboard card. The onboard card works fine and without any of these shitty problems.
    Previosly i had the onboard card disabled cause it gives me blue screens while i was playing Battlefield: Bad Company 2. But i dont care anymore, i just dont want sound problems.

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