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    "Head" or Super admin Problem


    Myself, and two other CO's over at recently set up a TS3 server hosted by We love it so far but there is only one problem. One of our less knowledgeable CO's imputed the privilege key that was given by to set whom imputes the key as "Head" or Super admin, what ever it is called on here.

    Bottom line, he dose not know how to set anything up, and there for we can not get our
    server groups permissions set to the way we want them. Is there a way to reset the server and possibly set someone else up with the key? Or maybe a way to make all of us CO's have access to everything?

    Anything I can find threw google seams to do with self hosted servers and not gameservers hosted servers.

    Thanks, WD

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    You either have to contact your host and have them generate a new key or tell him how to generate a key for someone else. Use an application like teamviewer and do a remote session with him if he can't figure out how to generate a key.

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