Firstly thank-you... I'm an adult gamer and use TS to chat with other gamers in my group from around the world and now that I don't have to mess about with my laptop and just load an app it is truly fantastic! The group I'm affiliated to has it's own server with I think about 14 channels (don't know if you need this info or not)

There are just a couple of things though
-can you make it so I can see who's in other groups like I can on my PC, as I have to join each channel to see if anyone is there... If not could it have the number of users in brackets next to each channel
-after so long- not sure yet exactly how long, it drops my connection to the server, I can't see a setting for it so is this a fault or have I missed it
-can there be a text box at the bottom so I can display my game friend codes

Thank you again for developing a TS3 App