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    How to hide client IP ?

    Hi guys
    How I can hide client IP in my teamspeak server ?
    i want other users can't see my IP in connection info
    i checked all permissions but couldn't find hide IP in teamspeak permissions.
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    please help
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    Tha't impossible in the non advanced permission dialog!
    You need to activate the advanced mode first under Settings -> Options -> Application -> Advanced permissions ...
    Then remove b_client_remoteaddress_view from all other groups.
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    Sticky How to make it so server admins can't see my IP address?


    People has got server admin but can see ip addresses. I have the owner server group, I want to make it so server admins trying to see someone which is in owner server group ip addresses is impossible.

    So what I want basically is i want server admins to not look at my ip address. There is no needed view client remote address permission.

    So how do you make it so that people has owner server group prevents people from looking at their ip address.
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    Basically go to permissions, then choose ur group, go to client -> information -> view client remote adress.
    This permission is if u are server admin and u can disable ip viewing.
    If u are not server admin u cannot hide ur ip adress.
    If u dont want to give someone ur real ip just use vpn software.
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