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    High CPU usage with TS3.


    A few days ago i experienced that the service SYSTEM was using 25% cpu usage slowing my pc down and making games lag alot.

    Now i have seen other explain this issue on different OS and others try to disable firewalls etc. with no effect.

    I am lost in trying to fnd an answer to this problem.
    So let me know what you need from in order to getting this fixed.

    Br Lars

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    Does this also occour, when the TS Overlay is disbaled?
    25% CPU usage does not sound that much , when a game is running. HMmmm
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    Do you have one of the "Echo Canceling features" enabled?

    "Settings > Options > Capture > 'Echo reduction' and or 'Echo cancellation'

    If this is the case, please disable both and give it a retry

    The other question is, you said:
    "the service SYSTEM was using 25% cpu"..

    What about the "ts3client_win32.exe" process cpu usage if this happen?
    I mean, is it truly the ts3 process who takes the cpu usage ?

    But also try to disable the Overlay Plugin, like dante696 said already

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    Hi guys.

    The overlay along with all sound effect was disabled. and in idle mode with no talk, but just connected to ts3 server i had 25% cpu - 50% when talking.
    im sure you would agree it should be less than 5% even on a slow machine.

    Now yesterday night i fiddled around in services and running processes to see if some windows services was the badguy here.
    It was... i found audiodg.exe to use all the cpu time and now the problem was up to 80-100% making go aaaarrggh.

    After another 2 hours of reading abot audiodg.exe i wasnt smarter at all. Still had the problem.

    Then i looked at running processes task man. and found pnkbstra.exe. wondering what that was doing here with no game running i didnt net punkbuster. So i closed it... then i had a running ts3 with cpu usage idle 0% and 10% when talking.

    So remove this punkbuster file or update it if needed.

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    Thank you both for trying to help me!!

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