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    Any way to transfer server settings?

    Im currently renting a TS3 server from my GSP and within a month I will be switching providers... is there anyway to transfer/backup all the current server settings I have now so I dont have to jump through 1000 hoops when we switch? Also have a lot of Icons that have been installed as well that I would like to move over to the new server if possible.

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    do you have access to download your server's database? could you explain how you're hosted?

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    You've got 2 option to transfer your server, but you need access to the server files or to the server query admin.
    I guess you don't have any access to the files, because you just rented a virtual server.

    Option 1 Transfer for all servers and files:
    Go into your server folder and copy all files and now move the minto your new server folder

    Option 2 Transfer for 1 server and no files:
    (Only users, channels and permissions will get transfered.)

    Ask your hoster, to create a snapshot for you.
    Now Ask your new hoster to use this snapshot for your server.
    How to create and use a snapshot
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    Our clan is about to do the same switch to a different box. What I understand is that I will be able to get into the old box where the file are so I can just transfer files over to the new box. Will the license be ok doing that?

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