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    Exclamation Non Profit License Not Working After Various Restarts

    i obtained my key put it in the server folder and i still have a max of 32 players.
    im running a x64 ts3 server version 14957.

    any help is appreciated

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    I think it's due to the car of your neighbor

    More Seriously without informations we just can guess.
    What is your operating system ?
    Do you got an error message in the server log ?
    Do you use a tool or the webmail to get your license ?
    Sometime, you have to wait nearly 2 hours before use your license.

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    MY OS is Windows 7 x64
    No Errors Just Show My MAx users is 32
    ive used my webmail and previously worked fine no problems
    i already have my license i even had a new one resent and still the same problem

    --- Merged ---

    ive tried with both x86 x64 servers of the current version availible for download from here and same result. i even went as far as obtaining a new license still same result . maybe one of the devolopers can take a look may be a bug or something
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    I guess the prolem is, that your server doe use the license, but 32 slots is the default setting for a virtual server and needs to be changed manually.

    What does your server log say?
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