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    Web user details

    I recently switched to Teamspeak and Ive been trying to set up a web interface but I cant get it to connect. Im completely lost.

    The Vbulletin mod and scripts such as all require a username and password.
    I tried everything including my own details but it just doesnt work.
    This token stuff is confusing.

    Basicaly my question is:

     * The login credentials used to authenticate with the TeamSpeak 3 server.
    $cfg["user"] = "";
    $cfg["pass"] = "";
    What goes there?

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    Your link goes to a PHP Framework.

    You could use this third-party Webinterface from Psychokiller

    Its avaible in English/German.

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    I know whats in the link.

    What I dont know is what user details to use for my web applications like the one in my link AND the one in your link.

    $hostusername='superadmin';  $hostpassword='123456';

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    This info you get at the installation of the Teamspeak server.

    If you dont know this info you can try this Change serveradmin password

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