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    Strange server issue


    I ran into strange problem with my server with an unexpected solution.

    The Problem - my friends suddenly lost their ability to connect to my server.
    After so called troubleshooting (messing with different server version) I've found (by an accident) The Ultimate Solution to The Problem.

    The Ultimate Solution - after I start my server I have to log in into my router (Cisco EPC3925 EuroDocsis).

    That's it. I've tested it with two my friends. They were supposed to constantly try to connect, and until I've log in to the router, they would receive "Could not connect" massage.
    Then, they were instantly connected.

    If anyone know why is this happening, please share this knowledge ; )

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    For me sounds like a router problem. Not a Teamspeak server problem.
    How the router/firwall is configurated ?

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    My IP is set to DMZ, because I am to lazy to configure it properly via port forwarding. So it's basically as I would connect my internet cable straight into the PC.

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