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    Post [Suggestion] for Developers of TeamSpeak 3 Website ( PAY ATTETION STAFF / USERS ! )

    Hello !

    i would introduce great idea on website !


    i saw the hosters and Global Earth map with ATHP licenses ( !
    but can you build new sub page with map where are servers of teamspeaks with AAL licenses?? it would be very good for hosters of AAL licenses because they paid money example: (1000 Slots 500$) it would be very good for promote them yeah? , after that , person who bought AAL will be much more willing to pay for the next year , also company of will gain more clients with AAL licenses think about this !!!

    i propose add on main home page tab "TS3 Servers (AAL)"

    inside on the map global earth will be shown flag country and name of ts3 servers additionally will be blinking like here: Ads removed but after click on that server will show below details:

    ( Very important : if someone will on the "Global Earth Map" try connect from United Kingdom, the hosters with AAL licenses will be shown with overlay green points ! Same for others countries , additionally on the left should be see list of that servers from United Kingdom easier to click them and title " propose that server to connect there" + mini info Condition marked as very good standing from + tritoncia staff)


    1. Logo of the Ts3 server owner
    2. IP or domain Ts3 Server
    2.1 PING IN MS: 17ms
    3. Website of ts3 server
    4. Status online / offline / updated or maintained ( when server is currently in upgrade for a new version ) / additional status : Shown Quit Host Message.
    if Quit Host Message Shown the below of this status will be shown the box of the message what this ROOT wrote.
    5. Status with Current Users
    6. Where Server is hosted (example: UK , PL and shown PNG FLAG)
    Additionally box where bought that server example:
    6.2 What type of the Server : VDS (Virtual Dedication Server )
    7. Server TS3 Version : build [000000]
    8. Contact with owner of Server by E-mail / MSN
    9. Licensed AAL Date ( BOUGHT ): [DD/MM/YYYY]
    9.1 Licensed Started: [DD/MM/YYYY]
    9.2 Licensed Ending: [DD/MM/YYYY]
    10. Server Notified as: (GOOD CONDITION , AVERAGE OR BAD CONDITION )
    10.1 Server Warnings Official - notifications details...
    10.2 Server Warnings Tritoncia licensed - notifications details...
    10.3 who marked condition ? the admins.
    11. Rating by Users:
    1 star - really bad
    2 stars - bad
    3 stars - average
    4 stars - good
    5 stars - perfect
    The stars colors will be adjusted by Owner of ts3 servers...
    11.1 - colors available by color picker.
    12. Specification of the Server example VDS Details , VPS Details , shell account.
    12.1 Processors : 2 x 2,5 GHZ
    12.2 Memory Ram: 2 GB RAM
    12.3 HDD: 30 GB HDD
    12.4 Available Traffic : 4 TB / month
    13. Statistics from Website/s
    13.1 GameTracker Viewer (HTTP LINK) : Link removed
    13.2 TsViewer (HTTP LINK) : Link removed
    14. Description about Ts3 server shortly
    15. Server mostly visit by game players example from League of Legends !

    additionally if you can mark them, they are "Authorised AAL HOSTERS" because i dont think so the kids will be host TS3 with AAL licenses...

    for last idea is make for it TOP 10 Servers with AAL Licenses !

    i think this is great benefits for people who has AAL licenses and for !

    why great benefits ?

    1. because the users(gameplayers etc) and admins(owners of ts3 servers AAL) will return to visit more than before on website official!
    2. the second reason is that the admins/founders of NPLs licenses (free license) their behaviour will looks like this "o my god AAL Servers is promoted on official Website o_O" they will really suprised , another admins of NPLs will thinking about bought license AAL to be same in there on official Website (where exactly is "TS3 Servers AAL" ) they will try to be there, admins will be willignes to pay for that AAL license in after same time probably the liceses AAL will be much more cheaper !!

    i think the next question how they will update that fields and where should be added?
    this is really simple the account on fallowed link:
    after logged where you have license AAL you should see on the left menu to "Adding/Editing AAL SERVER ON GLOBAL EARTH"

    if someone agree with me please wrote just comment " im agree " of course i wanna see the reason why you agree for this idea.

    the last one what i want from great staff ts3 is please save copyright thats my idea for us !
    i wanna see after this if release that idea on ur website
    idea was created by ROOT - Hunterpl Ads removed
    Best Regards
    ROOT - Hunterpl
    Ads removed

    Edit by mod
    Here is a warning. Don't readd another time your adverts links !
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    Great think... i'm agree :>

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    Our Annual Activation Licenses (AAL) is intended for indivuduals or companies who do *NOT* qualify for a Non-Profit License (NPL) and wish to host a TeamSpeak server. If you just want to host a public voice server for a gaming clan or a community, you've probably chosen the wrong license...

    The fact is, that most companies are using the an AAL TeamSpeak server for internal purposes and do not want them to be listed on any public website.

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    no no ScP u dont understand me :P , i mean about " distinguish public servers with AAL licenses " i mean in that way... mostly 3 of public servers where im know that publics are for everyone, please discus about this in team ts3, pelase make something special for people who bought AAL license and they provide public servers, i just through about make map global earth with blinking points where users can click on the servers , see them details and join there becuase AAL servers is much more secure and much more stables than NPLs , and users will be try looking for really stable servers they can use seracher AAL Servers yeah like i wrote my idea.

    The fact is, that most companies are using the an AAL TeamSpeak server for internal purposes and do not want them to be listed on any public website.
    Did you asked people who provides AAL license they dont want it ? im the one who has AAL licesense and i would be listed on the website, same for my 3 friends also they had AAL 1000 slots they would like to be listed on official website ts3.

    i can say once , people who providing servers mostly AAL depends on them about advertising their server trust me...
    please make maybe questionaire " ask ts3 users " about this idea.
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    this forum is about technical, not sales, related stuff. please contact sales for discussing this.

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