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    TSDNS using domain name not working


    I was hoping SRV record support comes in soon as I have some trouble connecting using a DNS name using TSDNS.

    We have a domain ending with and thus TS3 will not look further than as seen here:
    26-9-2011 16:41:45	ClientUI	Info	Connecting to next server...	
    26-9-2011 16:41:47		Info	No TSDNS found at ""	
    26-9-2011 16:41:52		Info	No TSDNS found at ""	
    26-9-2011 16:52:09		Info	No TSDNS found at ""	
    26-9-2011 16:52:10		Info	No TSDNS found at ""
    For obvious reasons I cannot change the A record as that will break the website.

    Also, why is it looking in other places than as that is the requested address?

    Any ideas?


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    This is by design actually, TSDNS currently looks for a response within 3 levels. These levels are denoted by the periods.

    When using the domain "" the TSDNS clients are looking for a response from the following places:

    1 .uk (skipped as it is a top level domain)

    For this to work for you as is, you would need the TSDNS server running on "" as "" is on the 4th level.

    We noticed this with some users at and contacted the Teamspeak developers about it. They said they would consider adding a 4th level to the TSDNS client lookups.
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    So basically this means no UK domains can be used with TSDNS as it will only look at the top 3 levels of a domain, and not the requested Address which is also pointing to that teamspeak box with TSDNS running. I'm not a hosting company that uses * to distribute TS to clients, but have a small league for us running and another clan division and its own TS virtual server and domain which points to that TS host as well.

    The other domains ending with .com I don't have any issues with and takes over nicely, but for now I'll create another sub domain on our .com domain so it will look at the correct address, but this needs to be looked into to stop people exclusively using a domain (and maybe other) having this issue.

    Any ideas where on the roadmap DNS SRV record support is planned? As that will allow me to do what I want, even with domains.

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