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    TS3 Server SSL certificate?

    i have installed TS3 on my private Server, it runs good, people can connect.

    I want to have a certificate (when people try to login for the first time) so that the can use a secure connection tot he TS3 server.
    I can obtain a domain validated SSL Certificate from my hoster.
    Can i use this to make a secure Connection to my TS3 server?

    If yes, is there a tutorial how to do this?

    Thanks for your help!

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    the connection to the TS3 is ALREADY encrypted - with an internal AES encryption ... no need for SSL if you trust the developers. If you dont trust them you might want to tunnel your traffic via stunnel or the likes and connect to your local tunnel-entry which points to the TS3-server on the other end ... but stunnel is pretty shitty and doesnt really function well with official certificates

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    thanks for your reply!

    to be a bit more precise:
    im talking about a message, which appears when i connect the first time to the server.
    I get an certificate error. Is there a way to get rid of this?
    Maybe some settings, etc?

    thanks again for help!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ts3_ssl View Post
    I get an certificate error.
    Are you sure, this has anything to do with the Teamspeak (client or server)?

    The first connect to a server only should show, the privilege key dialog for the server admin.
    You can remove it on 2 ways:
    1. Use the key (you get that key, when a virtual server was created or when a complete new database was used)
    2. Delete it under Permissions > Priviledge Keys
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