Hello guys,

I have setup my TS3 on a Win7 64 bit cpl of weeks ago, setup the port forwarding on my DIR100 to my desktop and it worked for cpl of weeks ago. Yesterday I have lost my psu to a voltage instability or smth so I setup ts3 server on a different desktop with vista 32bit installed so downloaded 32 bit version and installed it, changed the port settings on the router to the new local ip.

The server works fine when you use localhost or 192.*.*.* but not accesible externally. The external IP address is static and ISP doesnt block it and used to work fine on the other desktop a day ago. I have disabled kaspersky and windows firewall totally but even when i do that 9987 port times out on canyouseeme.org.

I am pretty lost, can that be an issue with vista security settings, there is no errors on log files and as i have said it works fine locally. Will running ts3 server as admin and incompatibility mode will it help, can it be a registry setting that i have to play on vista, I recall such a problem in the past?

Please help as I need this server up and running by tonight
Many thanks,