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    Solved TS3 Client closes when I try to connect to server

    I've used TS3 extensively in the past with no troubles. Recently when I try to connect to a server, it will close out TS3 with no message at all. I went to this thread: and was able to connect to the two test servers. Curiously after I connected to these, I was able to connect to other servers with no difficulty; everything behaved normally once I was connected. But after closing out TS3, and then trying to connect to the test servers via bookmarks, it would do the same thing of closing the program.

    Sound Card: Creative SB X-Fi
    TS3 Client Version: Version 3.0.1 [Build: 15001]
    OS: Windows 7

    Nevermind, I believe I figured out the problem.
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    It would be nice, to give us some feedback
    Other users with that problems can gain help from this.

    Thank you.
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    Long story short I believe it was having more than one active antivirus software.

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