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    30% Packet Loss [INFO INSIDE]

    It's so frustrating because I don't really get lag on games but on teamspeak my packet loss is 30-40%. SOMETIMES it goes down to 8% but then shoots back up.

    I went to and my results were:

    40% Packet Loss
    Ping: 44 ms
    Jitter: 8ms

    Line Quality: F

    There's nothing I can do about our ISP that's what my parents pay for so I can't change that.

    There's got to be a problem with my bandwith or something. Also, I was googling things and someone was talking about a codec or something....not sure what that is about.

    I'm on a D-LINK WBR-1310 WIRELESS ROUTER. If you need any other info ask.

    My mic is fine on tinychat and other programs that need to talk but on Teamspeak 3 it's awful.

    also how do I turn off the SPI FIREWALL
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    All these questions and problem have nothing to do with teamspeak :-( tells you, that youve got a packet loss? So i guess it's a local network problem.
    You should test, to connect per cable to your router.

    Here is the manual for your router and Page 32 tells you where you can find the firewall settings. Please contact D-Link for support question.
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