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    30% Packet Loss [INFO INSIDE]

    It's so frustrating because I don't really get lag on games but on teamspeak my packet loss is 30-40%. SOMETIMES it goes down to 8% but then shoots back up.

    I went to and my results were:

    40% Packet Loss
    Ping: 44 ms
    Jitter: 8ms

    Line Quality: F

    There's nothing I can do about our ISP that's what my parents pay for so I can't change that.

    There's got to be a problem with my bandwith or something. Also, I was googling things and someone was talking about a codec or something....not sure what that is about.

    I'm on a D-LINK WBR-1310 WIRELESS ROUTER. If you need any other info ask.

    My mic is fine on tinychat and other programs that need to talk but on Teamspeak 3 it's awful.

    also how do I turn off the SPI FIREWALL
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