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    Quote Originally Posted by dante696 View Post
    Please read at least the first post in this thread. Everything you need to know is included there.
    so I read that the database is updated with each new version of the TS server, but my asres ip has not been updated in this database for more than a year, so I write ...
    despite the fact that on the page ripe ncc and ip2location everything is correct, that is origin from Poland and TS shows that from france

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    Yeah, I did read that part but this doesn't change that a new server version is required to get an update of the database.

    Quote Originally Posted by dante696 View Post
    I Repeat.
    You (the server host) must install the latest server or wait for a newer version when you use the latest server already to get a new country database.
    So please be patient till server 3.7.0 was released.
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    Thanks, this worked at my server.

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    Teamspeak showing wrong flag?

    So today i was just minding my own business and found a north american on an argentine server, so i decided to take a look at his ping and found out he had 34ms, wich is really weird considering i get almost 200ms to usa and vice versa. It looks like its a bot since it has been connected for 2 days straight and is using a linux os

    sorry if im using the wrong topic, didnt know where to post
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