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    Wrong or no country, city or Flag shown in weblist and client

    Your flag is wrong or missing? The weblist shows the wrong flag for a server?

    We use an external service to resolve the country for users. This service needs a database, which is included in the server.
    It's hardcoded and can not be replaced/updated from you.

    We put the update of the country database into the server, when a new server was released.
    So always use the latest server to ensure it's the latest DB, before reporting here.

    Here is the way to solve this problem for a future server release. If the latest server did not solve your problem.
    1. Visit
    2. Enter your IP and check the result
    3. Send your update and location to [email protected] in case your country differs on the page.
    Please don't contact ip2location, when the page already shows the right country.

    We grab and use their updates, when we release a new server version.
    There is nothing more, that we or you can do here.

    I Repeat.
    You (the server host) must install the latest server or wait for a newer version when you use the latest server already to get a new country database.


    The server weblist, will also be updated once per month. There is nothing you need to do here.
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